JAPAN Case Studies

Learn how Cloud Ace JAPAN helps businesses take advantage of Google Cloud

Modis Co., Ltd. aims for digital transformation and innovation of companies by providing technical consultations, introducing technicians, and giving technical/business training. They aim to expand their business by providing services to companies that have implemented Google Cloud. They took the Google Cloud certification training provided by Cloud Ace to focus on human resource development.

NTT Data Customer Service provides Desktop as a Service (DaaS) via the Nutanix Frame. NTT was considering Google Cloud for their public cloud expansion. While the Nutanix Frame vendor had verified compatibility with Google Cloud, Cloud Ace helped because it needed to be re-verified for delivery support when NTT DATA Customer Service was deployed in the Japanese market.

Since its establishment in 1952, Konaka has expanded their business with a focus on suits. In October of 2016 they launched “Difference”, an app for people to personalize their suits. It was previously operated on Amazon Web Services (hereon referred to as AWS), but in order to solve issues with cost and other factors, Cloud Ace supported their migration to Google Cloud.


YO-HO BREWING is a craft beer manufacturer headquartered in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

In this interview, we asked them about how they built the ETL part, which supports the core of the data infrastructure, in-house using Cloud Build.


EXEDY, an automotive parts manufacturer with a history of more than 70 years, has been promoting the streamlining of meetings with the aim of "language barrier free" to strengthen global group communication capabilities.

As part of this effort, EXEDY developed an add-on for email translation using Translation AI, a Google Cloud translation product, and introduced an Office file translation service from Cloud Ace, followed by the introduction of GennAI Prompter, a tool for real-time translation of web conferences.


Kohga has been involved in the printing industry since its establishment, and has been in the field of digital contents since the dawn of the Internet in 1990.

We interviewed Mr. Kensaku Kikuiri, director of the planning department.

Consulting Support / Development Support / Training

Brastel celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. They focus on international wire transfer services and communication services.

Cloud Ace’s provided support through our Google Cloud compatibility evaluation service “Cloud Doctor” and Google Cloud implementation service “Cloud Booster”.


Unerry developed and operates the activity data platform “Beacon Bank”, with around 2.1 mln GPS beacons nationwide. Unerry extracts data from society using proprietary IoT sensors and captures the flow of people in real time, utilizing this data for solutions such as promotions that are optimized in real time. Unerry wanted to optimize operations using Google Cloud, so we had them take Cloud Ace’s training course.

Bare Metal Solution For Oracle / Compute Engine / Cloud Storage / Cloud Load Balancing / Cloud Functions / BigQuery / Cloud SQL / Virtual Private Cloud / Cloud DNS / Google Cloud hybrid connectivity

Sanken Environmental Engineering is an environmental creation firm for air and water. They are an independent construction equipment company that proposes highly trusted cutting edge technology to create the environment that clients wish for.

Sanken used a system for their salary and ID management, and was looking for a good time for replacing servers and adding new services. This required the installation of SSDs, so they decided to switch from their on-premise system to Bare Metal Solution For Oracle (BMS).

Training / Google Kubernetes Engine / Google Compute Engine

Nomura Holdings has led the Japanese securities markets since its inception in 1925.

The necessity of digitization led them to set up an inter-departmental “Future Company Development department”. The department is developing an app called “FINTOS!”, which aims to provide helpful investment information for consumers with the motto “hints for investing”. We asked them about their experience in implementing Google Cloud for this app, as well as any struggles they had.

Consulting Support / Google Kubernetes Engine / Firebase / BigQuery

Nomura Holdings has led the Japanese securities markets since its inception in 1925. The necessity of digitization led them to set up an inter-departmental “Future Company Development department”. The department is developing an app called “FINTOS!”, which aims to provide helpful investment information for consumers with the motto “hints for investing”.

Consulting Support / Cloud Run / Firebase / BigQuery / Flutter

Domestic telecom carrier NTT DoCoMo Inc. R & D Innovation Headquarters, Innovation Management Department has revived the investment management app “My Trade”, designed for individual investors.

They were excited to use Google Cloud modern technology and to revive their service of “My Trade”

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Consulting Support / Web service / Training

Mixi, the company behind apps “mixi” and “Monster Strike” that caused Japan’s SNS boom, are still active in the entertainment and lifestyle industries.

They decided to implement a Google Cloud certification training program held by Cloud Ace for their new recruits. This program consisted of lessons on Google Cloud Fundamentals, Core Infrastructure and Architecting with Google Compute Engine.

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Consulting Support / Web service

Edia Co.,Ltd.(hereafter Edia) is a company that focuses on mobile content with the corporate vision “SMART MEDIA COMPANY”

With their expansion into fields such as comic, music and product sales, all the while further expanding their games business, they wished to solve issues during expansion with the help of Cloud Ace’s Customer Success Team.

Consulting Support / Development Support / Google Kubernetes Engine / Security / Training

Software Partner Inc. provides software ICT solution to promote business.

Software Partner has implemented and utilized Google Cloud for the System Integration (SI) of golfing-related application “Furutoru”, which required to operate securely and more storage.

Data Analysis / Big Data / Development Support / BigQuery / Google Kubernetes Engine / Cloud Migration

True Data’s Eagle Eye is a producer-oriented ID-POS analysis service (Saas) utilized by over 100 companies.

True Data required an analysis platform that excelled in scalability, and wanted to implement cutting edge technology into their company’s products, which contributed to their decision for GCP implementation.

Web Services / Consulting / Developent Support / Machine Learning / Google Natural Language

Persol Career Co., Ltd. operates various popular job listing sites in Japan such as doda.jp.

The company used the Google Natural Language API to automatically analyze job description texts, scan them for relevant keywords and turn them into searchable tags to improve search results.

IoT / Data Analytics / Big Data / BigQuery / Cloud Spanner / GCP comprehensive support

Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. operates thousands of covenience stores in Japan.

Seven-Eleven started migrated their data analytics and operations of convience store data to Google Cloud and used services such as BigQuery to analyze big amounts on data in real-time.

Iot / Infrastructure / PaaS / Google App Engine / Firebase / Cloud Function / Clloud Bigtable

TOA Corporation is a company based in Kobe that specializes in audio and video recording devices.

They develops, produces and sells industrial-use devices under a BtoB model, and has a global reach. This case study is an example of a company’s transition of production to a full-managed, cloud-native environment centered around PaaS (Google App Engine).

Google App Engine / Firestore/ GAE / Cloud Build / Google Translate API / Google Maps API

VELTRA Corporation operates a reservation website providing over 14,000 types of local, experience-type optional tours in 150 different countries.

Veltra extracted the component that dealt with processing user points from the existing system into an API, and transformed it into a microservice. When they extract it into a separate system, considering execution speed, using Go which is faster in processing.

Speech-to-Text / Cloud Storage/ Cloud Functions / Developent Support / Speech Input

Persol Career Co., Ltd. operates various popular job listing sites in Japan such as doda.jp.

With support from Cloud Ace, Persol Carrer hasdeveloped a structure utilizing Google Cloud Platform for the transcription of audio of face-to-face counseling with career advisors, thereby greatly contributing to the improvement of service quality and decrease of training costs.