Case Studies

How We Were Able to Quickly Develop a Service on Google Cloud for the First Time

Legal Inc. provides legal professionals with an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) service. They participated in Cloud Aceโ€™s Google Cloud certification training because they wanted to implement Google Cloud for a quick setup of our business. They also wanted to increase technical knowledge, and undo the dependence that some processes have developed on specific individuals. In this article we interviewed 3 participants on their experiences in the training, as well as what they gained from it.

Reason for training and objectives

Mr. Akira: Before the training, we had signed on to Cloud Aceโ€™s Google Cloud configuration support service, and they supported us throughout the process from implementation to infrastructure environment implementation. This meant that we had the platform for Google Cloud based services, but since the knowledge gained from this configuration process was limited to a small number of people, the Google Cloud projects became overly reliant on specific individuals. In expanding our selection of services that utilize Google Cloud, we needed to solve this situation and have other members of the team gain knowledge in operations with Google Cloud.

Mr. Nagano: At first we thought of learning the operations through information and tutorials on the internet, but since the release date for a new service was closing in we decided to attend the training as an efficient way of gaining knowledge about Google Cloud. We also wanted to have an accurate and general understanding of Google Cloud products, what sort of products there were, and how they could be utilized, so we thought the training session would be a good opportunity.

Gains from the training

Mr. Nagano: Since we had a tight release schedule, we were very grateful for the dense and concentrated curriculum.The hands-on sessions right after the lectures allowed us to understand concepts very quickly, and helped us learn new skills. Although the Covid pandemic forced us to attend online, the lecturers created an environment that was easy to ask questions in, as well as letting us ask questions in an interactive manner. The hands-on sessions also provided a place for us to verify the concepts we had just learned, and were very helpful.

Mr. Onishi: The training sessions gave non-core staff an opportunity to gain knowledge about Google Cloud, standardizing the knowledge level of our team, and leading to smoother communication between our teams. Members who were already somewhat familiar with Google Cloud were able to ask questions during the training sessions, so our entire team was able to further their understanding of Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Future goals

Mr. Akira: We were able to make use of our newfound knowledge that we gained from the training course for our cloud service projects.In transitioning our current service offerings to Google Cloud, we aim to build a foundation that will allow us to quickly respond to our clientsโ€™ needs. We will continue to create an environment that encourages learning about Google Cloud, and connect it to growing our services.