Case Studies

Achieving High Performance in Producer-Oriented ID-POS Data Service “Eagle Eye”

True Data’s Eagle Eye is a producer-oriented ID-POS analysis service (Saas) utilized by over 100 companies. Upgrading the legacy on-memory, BI tool based system developed for Eagle Eye to a high-grade, high-performance system in line with the increase in users and data became a high priority, so we decided to lay out a solution. In replacing the service we wished to increase performance to a point reflective of the needs for bigdata analysis, and required expandable menu/data volumes for flexibility in future service improvement opportunities, so chose BigQuery and GCP for their scalability.

GCP Integration Background

Our background relating to GCP integration was our data-science team’s preexisting use of BigQuery, our development and operation of analysis logic on BigQuery, and our deep understanding of the associated capabilities/costs. As we expand our service in the future, we required an analysis platform that excelled in scalability, and wanted to implement cutting edge technology such as machine learning into our company’s products, which contributed to our decision for GCP implementation.

Approach Method

Since backend excels in scalability, as well as decreases operating load, we decided to implement a mainly fully-managed service centered around BigQuery. We also utilized container technology, and we secured portability by microservicing, thereby enabling its re-use in developing analysis services other than Eagle Eye and increasing the efficiency of development.

Effects of implementing GCP

After implementing GCP, we are able to easily provide our logic implementation and maintain high performance even during high loads, increasing usability. Additionally, the experience gained from analysis/operations of data heavy ID-POS on GCP has allowed us to provide an analysis environment to producers, accelerated our deployment with retail businesses, and overall increased the quality of service provided by our company.

By having GCP specialist CloudAce handle our case, we are able to take advantage of GCP and especially BigQuery to offer a stable and balanced analysis service.

– IT Strategy Room Mr. Yoichi Ikeda

Used Products

  • BigQuery

  • GKE

TrueData Corporation

Develops platforms for transaction activity data using ID-POS, and offers data analysis/operations support.