Case Studies

GCP Provides an Optimal Platform for Developing and Managing System Microservices and Increased Website Traffic

VELTRA Corporation operates a reservation website providing over 14,000 types of local, experience-type optional tours in 150 different countries. They offer a diverse option of local tours overseas including sightseeing tours, world heritage site tours, marinesports, diving, golf, spas, dinner cruises, and show-entertainment.

We spoke with VELTRAโ€™s Vice President of Technology, Mr. Matsuo, on their GCP development plans.

Why did you use GCP?

Our old system was released in 2012, and its lack of microservice implementation was an issue for us. Thatโ€™s why for our new system, we wanted the ability to easily edit and deploy our website.

In addition, since VELTRA offers a diverse variety of vacation options, we needed to increase our online traffic capacity. In order to develop a system capable of solving these two issues we debated between continuing our use of AWS, or newly implementing GCP. In the end we decided that GCP was a better fit for us, and it had the added benefit of including the Google Translate API and Google Maps API.

GCP and Cloud Ace

Our deadline for development was 6 months. While we had decided on using GCP for the development, we didnโ€™t have any in-house engineers familiar with GCP. That is where we first found out about CloudAce.

We contracted CloudAce to develop a system for processing pre-existing customersโ€™ points.

Our approach

We extracted the component that dealt with processing user points from the existing system into an API, and transformed it into a microservice. In cases where we must extract it into a separate system, considering execution speed, we will use Go which is faster in processing.

As for the issue of increasing online traffic capacity, we determined that using Google App Engine and Firestore (Datastore Mode) would be most beneficial due to their computing databases and autoscale-compatibility, as well as their managed-service nature. In addition, the automation of deployment to GAE using CloudBuild significantly reduced turnaround time from development.

Results of developing with GCP

โ€œEven though VELTRA didnโ€™t have knowledge of GCP, we were able to complete system development according to schedule thanks to CloudAceโ€™s support.

The opportunity to gain knowledge on a system other than AWS (GCP) was another important benefit.โ€

Products used in development

  • GAE Go

  • Firestore (Datastore Mode)

  • Cloud Build

VELTRA Corporation

Operates โ€œVELTRAโ€, a reservation website for overseas optional tours and activities.