Case Studies


Learn how Cloud Ace helps businesses take advantage of Google Cloud

Cloud Ace has been working in partnership with Google for more than 10 years. Since Day One, it has been our goal to inform businesses about the powerful resources and services provided by Google Cloud Platform and help them take advantage by creating tailored solutions.

Weโ€™ve worked together with dozens of clients in Japan as well as in the APAC region and engaged in numerous projects, supporting clients through consultation, migration, development and in many other ways. Take a look and see for yourself how we work with our customers to help them leverage the power of Google Cloud.

Latest Success Stories

Consulting Support / Web service

Edia Co.,Ltd.(hereafter Edia) is a company that focuses on mobile content with the corporate vision โ€œSMART MEDIA COMPANYโ€

With their expansion into fields such as comic, music and product sales, all the while further expanding their games business, they wished to solve issues during expansion with the help of Cloud Aceโ€™s Customer Success Team.

Consulting Support / Development Support / Google Kubernetes Engine / Security / Training

Software Partner Inc. provides software ICT solution to promote business.

Software Partner has implemented and utilized Google Cloud for the System Integration (SI) of golfing-related application โ€œFurutoruโ€, which required to operate securely and more storage.

Data Analysis / Big Data / Development Support / BigQuery / Google Kubernetes Engine / Cloud Migration

True Dataโ€™s Eagle Eye is a producer-oriented ID-POS analysis service (Saas) utilized by over 100 companies.

True Data required an analysis platform that excelled in scalability, and wanted to implement cutting edge technology into their companyโ€™s products, which contributed to their decision for GCP implementation.