Marketing Analytics

Why do you need marketing analytics?

Marketing is an essential part for every company, these days more than ever before, as it becomes harder and harder to break throug the noise and guide attention to your company. Creating a smart, precise and effective marketing strategy is only possible with the right tools. Google Cloud Platform has cutting-edge tools that enable you to effectively carry out marketing strategies and accelerate your business.

Understand your customer

In order to create effective marketing campaings that target the needs of the customers you want to reach, it is crucial to understand their issues and more. With Google Cloud you can collect and transform data easily to understand your customers and the companies you want to target as deep as possible. Google Cloud offers powerful analyics and visualization tools that will help you create the foundation of your marketing strategy based on data really quickly.

All tools in one place

Collect - Transform - Analyze - Visulaize - Activate. Google Cloud has all the tools you need to not only create marketing strategies based on customer data, but also tools to transform the data, visualize it and implement adjustment. 

Be one step ahead

Google Cloud offers cutting-edge machine learning models that you can use out-of-the-box. This allows you to not only analyze past customer data but also predict customer behaviour and be one step ahead with your planning. With Google Cloud you can make sure to be ahead of the competion and have an advantage leveraging highly capable and accurate machine learning models designed for marketing purposes.

Powerful Google Cloud services to choose from


Powerful data warehouse for analzying data

The data warehouse BigQuery is one of Google Cloud's most powerful services and ideal for marketing purposes. It let's you analyze large data sets in seconds, even with real-time capability, giving you insights e.g. into market or customer data for decision making and thus enabling highly effective and precise marketing strategies. 

Cloud ML Engine

Leverage machine learning to stay ahead

Google offers highly trained and out-of-the-box machine learning models that can help make the most out of your data. Cloud ML Engine as well as other machine learning tools enable you to easily analyze your data and predict future market developments as well as customer behaviour making it possible to plan way ahead and create strategies in-time.


Data visualization made easy

With Google Cloud's DataStudio you can easily track market data or your customers data and visualize it depending on what you need to track. It's not only easy to use but also highly customizable and enables you to keep the most important development in your vision. DataStudio seamlessly integrates with other Google Cloud services making it easy to stay on top of your data.


Image by Google

Google Award Winning App Developer

We at Cloud Ace have a lot of experience of developing systems and applications on Google Cloud Platform and can help you with any kind development request. In fact our expertise was recognised by Google in 2018 and we won the Google Cloud Application Development Partner of the Year.

With our expertise and experience in helping companies leverage on Google Cloud for data analytics and marketing we can offer you professional support with your projects and help you get started.

Case Study


offers a service called "Eagle Eye" which provides ID-POS analytics for manufatures and has over 100 customers using it. With a huge increase in customers and data TrueData saw decided to switch from their previous on-memory BI tool to a Google Cloud solution leveraging tools such as BigQuery for high performance big data analytics.

By having Cloud Ace, a missionary of GCP, take charge, we were able to leverage Google Cloud Platform and especially BigQuery to provide a stable and balanced analysis service.

-Youichi Ikeda, IT Strategy team