Why take Google Training?

Google Cloud Official Training offers several classes hosted an authorized trainer by Google to help you get the most out of GCP technology. These classes will help you acquire the necessary technical skills and best practices and allow you to continue learning.

As the cloud continues to evolve and be used more and more in the enterprise, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of people who are familiar with both the cloud and business systems. The problem is that the supply of people with expertise in both the cloud and business systems is in short supply. With the urgent need to expand these human resources, it has become necessary to provide training for advanced professionals in the rapidly growing field of GCP.

For this reason, Cloud Ace provides Google Cloud Platform training services to customers and partners.

We offer training from basic to advanced levels, on-demand, live, and in virtual environments. Certification also helps you prove that you have the skills to design, develop, manage, and operate application infrastructure and data solutions with Google Cloud technologies.

Cloud Ace provides a wide range of courses for

GCP beginners and advanced users

Whether you're new to the cloud or building on top of an existing skill set, you'll find a curriculum tailored to your role and interests.

Suitable for beginners to advanced users

From popular basic courses to specialized courses for advanced users, we provide easy-to-understand Google Cloud Platform training that is tailored to your desired level.

Best instructors

Google authorized trainers, who are still developing at the top level as Google Premier Partners, are the instructors for Google Cloud Platform training.

Held online

Online training allows you to relax and concentrate in the comfort of your own home. Also, if you are far away, you can save on unnecessary transportation costs and time. It is even safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Award Winning Google Partner

We, at Cloud Ace have a lot of experience and expertise helping clients leverage Google's infrastructure to it's fullest with custom tailored solution. No matter if you want to run an application on the cloud, migrate your whole system or find a hybrid solution, we can help you do that. Our expertise is recognized by Google through various specializations and awards such as the 'Google Cloud Service Partner of the Year for Japan 2020' award.

With our expertise and experience we can provide you with professional expertise and help you leverage the power of Google Cloud's resources to the fullest.

Successful Case Study

mixi, Inc.

mixi, the company behind apps “mixi” and “Monster Strike” that caused Japan’s SNS boom, are still active in the entertainment and lifestyle industries. They were preparing new recruits for a smooth Integration by Incorporating GCP Training.

The program allowed all recruits to have a certain level of understanding of Google Cloud, providing a systematic flow for acquiring basic knowledge of the tools used. In addition, this effort decreased the amount of required education by departments.

From the training, newly graduated engineers will learn about the tools used in practice, providing an easy to join environment for new recruits.

Although the COVID pandemic has forced recruits to join the sessions online, Cloud Ace created an easy to talk atmosphere through ice breaking activities. Additionally, we were impressed by the skill level of all instructors. We were very grateful for the opportunity to experience a systematic cloud education.

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