BI platform "Looker"

“Empowering people through the smarter use of data”

Making data the common language, to improve the consistency and quality of experience for everyone

Looker enables multiple departments of a company to simultaneously access sales and marketing data, strengthening data governance through unified management. Additionally, since there is no need to physically retain data, users can securely access it and do real-time analysis by directly reading DWH. Not limited to internal use, Looker supports a data-driven business by enabling seamless transitions between business phases using optimal insights, and promoting outside cooperation through data sharing, 

Choose Cloud Ace To Assist In Implementing Looker!

As a Looker Standard Consulting Partner, Cloud Ace employs multiple accredited engineers.
We provide one-stop service for PoC, integration planning, development and operation management.

The 3 Core Values of Looker

Data Governance Enhancement

 (uniformly control index and aggregate logic with LookML, automate creation of SQL)

Looker does not have its own database and thus requires no data upload

Strengthening data utilization and increasing productivity through cooperation and collaboration

Business Advantages:

Business Advantages:

Business Advantages:

Looker’s Position in the Swarm of Data Infrastructure Solutions

Looker consolidates data dispersed throughout the company into a DWH as a DMP. Seamlessly deploying the analyzed results to the next action, this enables the possibility of centralized data management and utilization.

Professional Looker Service

Cloud Ace’s engineers are acclaimed in Google Cloud data analysis infrastructure construction, and will provide one-stop support for situation analysis, POC, implementation, operation and utilization.
We will support clients in strengthening their data-driven businesses.

Google Award Winning App Developer

We at Cloud Ace have a lot of experience of developing systems and applications on Google Cloud Platform and can help you with any kind development request. In fact our expertise was recognised by Google in 2018 and we won the Google Cloud Application Development Partner of the Year.

With our expertise and experience in helping companies leverage on Google Cloud for data analytics and marketing we can offer you professional support with your projects and help you get started.