Work Transformation

What is work transformation?

With recent rise of cloud-based services comes a drastic transformation in the way we work and enable work collaboration that is online, flexible and highly productive. This becomes even more relevant as the world of going through a pandemic and solutions are needed for effective work collaboration with team working remotely.

Gone are the days of working offline on your presentation, frequently making sure that it is saved and mailing it to you co-worker for a review and again waiting for the reviewed file to be send back. These kind of slow and inaffective work flows are for many companies these days gone and replaced with SaaS (Software as a service) products that are often web applications and let you do all of this work online in real-time with your co-workers.

Google Cloud's offers such modern tools bundled together in it's G Suite. In the following we will explain the benefits of G suite, how it can help you transform your work and how we can help you switch over to the modern way of working.

Real-time collaboration

One of the greatest benefits of G Suite is the highly profuctive work flows that it enables. As all services that G Suite includes run in the cloud and are accessable as web application you can work on shared documents in real-time together and collaborate effectively.

For example, you can work with someone on the same presentation file and see in real-time what the other person is adding, deleting, editing etc. and based on that give feedback or adjust your own work etc without having to mail the file back and forth. Want to have someone's opinon on a certain part of the slide? No problem. Just add him/her in a comment and let them give you the feedback within the file while you're working on it.

Everthing works together

G Suite includes numerous services that are all working perfectly together and highly optimized. You can write and send mails, messages, great group chats, create presentations, create sheets and documents, store all files on the cloud create forms and do many other things. It covers all basic office work taks and each services integrates well with all other services which makes it easy to use in contrast to offline solutions that would require you to have sepearete applications for each task. However, witch G Suite you can have a peace of mind that you are covered with all necessities.


G Suite is comperatively inexpensive and has gives generous limits for storage etc. The biggest advantage to other solutions is that G Suite includes all services that you need for office work and unites them in one package. That means you only have to pay for one user to use all products instead of paying and calculating many seperate services with their own prices, which in most cases is way more expensive in total.

Secure by default

When work is transformed and done all online, security plays a big role and can't be neglected. G Suite is highly secure by default. It features encryption and many other safety features such as G Mails powerful spam filters to keep your employees and your data secure without you having to worry about any of this. Everthing is set up by default and handled by Google and is included in G Suite.

Powerful Google Cloud services to choose from


Gmail with it's over 1 billion users is without a doubt one of the most well known services that Google offers. What many people might now know is that it is included in G Suite and a very effective mail client for business. It integrates well with G Suites other services e.g. you can send saved files directly with Mail etc.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage services that G Suite provides. It is layed out as an intuitive file system with features such as private drives, team drives and own dashboards. It makes organizing files on the cloud easiy and effective. Especially permission management is one the strong points as it is very intuitive and secure.

Google Docs

G Suite includes Google Docs which let's you create documents on the cloud and work on them in real-time with your colleagues of clients. It is fast, intuitive and has a lot of modern features which make it highly productive and a realt cloud-native services for business.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets let's you create spreadsheets in the cloud and features a lot of cloud-native benefits such as real-time collaboration, updating and more. This makes it a highly effective and productive services especially in a business environment when working in teams and with clients.

... and many more services!

Case Study

Mekong Group

Mekong group is a Singapore based consultancy firm focused on the development of Indo-China markets, specifically Laos. The company chose Cloud Ace due to their reputation working with Google technologies including 8 Google specializations and G Suite as a solution to secure company emails and files and improve collaboration across the two countries via Drive and Hangouts.

Cloud Ace is friendly to work with and provided us with G Suite as a solution for our needs. They are focused on customer satisfaction as they are quick to respond to follow-ups and are comfortable resolving customer needs with the best Google solutions.

Read the full case study here