What does security mean and why is it important?

With an increasing trend of cyber attacks and resulting leaks of corporate as well as customer data, the recent decade shed more light on the importance of security within companies. No matter whether you are using on-premise solutions or cloud solutions, security needs to be taken into account, today more than even before. If not taken care of, breaches can result in huge damages in terms of reparation costs, reputation, customer trust etc. 

As cloud solutions are increasingly becoming popular due to their performance and cost advantages, there are yet many companies which are hesitant towards the idea of placing data outside their organization. However, many of these concerns  will be addressed on this page and we will give an overview on how powerful Google Cloud's security is and why it is likely even securer than most on-premise solutions.

Secure by design

Google Cloud was developed and being managed always with security as a priority in mind. Because of that, when you start using Google Cloud many security measurements will protect your data by default without you haveing to do anything. This starts with the infrastructure itself, which has very high security standards making physical incidents on the data centers etc. almost impossible. In addition, your data is encrypted multiple times by default and stored securely in compliance with numerous international security standards and anual audits to ensure the highest level of data security.

Your data is your data

Google Cloud has many mechanisms in place and complies to numerous international security standards to ensure that you are in control of your data and applies a high level of trasparency. When storing data it is being chunked into pieces and encrpyted multiple times to ensure that no one can access your data except you. Even in emergencies you can specify that not even administrators can access your data without your permision. You can also specify that your data is stored physically separated from other customers data and specify the region if you need to comply to a country's data security requirements. To put it simply, Google Cloud offers a high level of security be default, but also provides a lot of options making it easy for you to control your data.

Encryption by default

Compliance with numerous international standards

Google Cloud provides a high level of security and privacy which is ensured through compliance to many international standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 270017, ISO/IEC 270018, AICPA SOC 1/2/3 and undergoes regular independent audits.

Google puts a lot of work into the security aspect of Google Cloud with over 700 dedicated security engineers ensuring the clouds security and preventing vulnerabilities as well as releasing over 160 academing papers on security and staying on the frontiers of cloud security.

The standards that Google Cloud complies to differ from region to region. Learn more

Powerful Google Cloud services to choose from

Cloud IAM

Extensive and easy to use access management

Identity and access managment is an essential part of ensuring secruity and preventing all sorts of security incidents. Google Cloud has an easy to use, yet very externsive tool to correctly set up and manage permissions all across the cloud including resource management, storage etc.

Access Transparency

Helps expand visibility and control

Access Transparency gives you near real-time logs of manual and  targeted accesses when Google Cloud administrators access your data to ensure that your data is not being accessed for any other reasons that to fulfill contractual obligations and thus establishing a high level of transparency. It also allows you to dismiss any access from Google employees working to support your service.

Identity-Aware Proxy

Use identity and context to guard access

Identity-Aware Proxy is a differentiating service that helps you manage access automatically so you can focus on app logic and less on managing access etc. It enables work for untrusted networks without the use of VPN's and thus saving time, can identify and use context to determine if a user should be granted access and can be used to implement a zero-trust policy.

Cloud Ace - Case Study


Omron Healthcare provides medical equipment with IoT capabilities and additional value added services such as data analytics and needed a secure and scalable environment for storing and analyzing patient data from IoT devices.

Omron chose Google Cloud because services such as VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), Cloud VPN, Cloud Firewall and overall security measures provide a high level of security that is necessary when handling sensitive patient data as well as Google Cloud's BigQuery™, a powerful and scalable data warehouse, that fixes their bottleneck in handling large amounts of data and provides highly scalable data analytics tools