Transforming Education

With recent rise of cloud-based services come new opportunities to transform and enhance our education. Especially with the world going through a pandemic there is an increase in demand for solutions for teaching remotely.

Google's G Suite for Education is a complete solution featuring numerous services that help transform the way we teach due to their cloud native nature. Everything, from sharing and presenting teaching material, having students participate in an interactive online classroom, as well as grading and storing tests etc. can be done remotely through Google's G Suite for Education which gives you all the tools you need.

Online teaching and teamwork

One of the greatest benefits of G Suite is the highly profuctive work flows that it enables. As all services that G Suite includes run in the cloud and are accessable as web application you can work on shared documents in real-time together and collaborate effectively.

For example, you can work with someone on the same presentation file and see in real-time what the other person is adding, deleting, editing etc. and based on that give feedback or adjust your own work etc without having to mail the file back and forth. Want to have someone's opinon on a certain part of the slide? No problem. Just add him/her in a comment and let them give you the feedback within the file while you're working on it.

Everthing works together

G Suite includes numerous services that are all working perfectly together and highly optimized. You can write and send mails, messages, great group chats, create presentations, create sheets and documents, store all files on the cloud create forms and do many other things. It covers everything you and your studens need and all services integrate well with each other which makes it easy to use.


G Suite is comperatively inexpensive and has gives generous limits for storage etc. The biggest advantage to other solutions is that G Suite includes all services that you need for doing your classes and unites them in one package. That means you only have to pay for one user to use all products instead of paying and calculating many seperate services with their own prices, which in most cases is way more expensive in total.

Secure by default

When education is transformed and done online, security plays a big role and can't be neglected. G Suite is highly secure by default. It features encryption and many other safety features such as G Mails powerful spam filters to keep your students and their personal data secure without you having to worry about any of this. Everthing is set up by securelydefault and handled by Google and is included in G Suite.

Powerful Google Cloud services to choose from

Google Classroom

Google Classroom lets you easily acreate a virtual classroom in which you can manage your students, class-related materials etc. and integrates well with other services such as assignments, Google meet etc. It has everthing you need to manage your class.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video communication services that let's you easily and securely connect your students with an intuitive and well designed lay out that enables effective communication with up to hundreds of students.

Google Docs

G Suite includes Google Docs which let's you create documents on the cloud and work on them in real-time making it easiy for students to take notes during class, write their assignments and collaborate on shared documents in team projects.

Google Slides

Google Slides lets you and your students easily create presentations. Due to it's cloud native nature it is great for team projects and presentations as students can collaborate on the same file and even on the same slides in real-time.

... and many more services!

Powerful Google Cloud products for education


Google's Chromebooks are great for education and students for numerous reasons. They are inexpensive and can get even cheaper when bought for whole classes and schools etc. Chomebooks run Google's own operating system (ChromeOS) which make them basically a G Suite machine.

They are designed to run G Suite apps and to be used in collaborative environments such as classes. They also offer a file system and all G Suite applications in offline mode so that students don't have to worry about internet connections and can also work on their assignments outside.

Chromebooks are all-in-all lightweight laptops with a clear design and purpose making collaboration, especially online, as easy and intuitive as possible.


Google's Jameboard is another great device for collaboration in environments such as classes.

It replaces whiteboards with a huge interative display that let's you draw and write with your hands or with a dedicated pen and integrates perfectly with G Suite. You can create mindmaps or other creative drawings, show and create presentations, include videos and a lot of other things and share them with directly the class.

It enhances classes with a way of creative collaboration and fits perfectly with other G Suite products such as Google Classroom, Slides, Docs, Sheets etc.