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10 Days of DX Success Stories! Keio University Faculty of Medicine Professor Hiroaki Miyata Will Join “OPEN DX 2021”, Hosted by Cloud Ace!

Cloud Ace, Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Chiyoda ward, President and CEO: Makoto Aoki) announced on August 11, 2021, that it will host “OPEN DX 2021” spanning 10 days, September 6 (Mon) ~ 17 (Fri) 2021. It has invited Professor Hiroaki Miyata of Keio University’s Faculty of Medicine as a special guest.

The COVID pandemic has demanded big changes in the past year. As the countdown to 2025 continues, there is an increasing number of businesses that have achieved success through digitization. DX is a necessary change for businesses.

In this event, we aim to present success stories for each of the three key words below. We hope that by sharing these stories, other businesses will gain some new insight and decide to act.

This session’s three DX themes

Digital Transformation

Digital eXperience 

Developer eXperience

It will be important that each participant takes ownership by clearly defining what they want to accomplish through DX, and that they are willing to take steps toward accomplishing those goals.

Businesses will be able to tackle DX as a cohesive organization through the participation of office staff, not just management or a single department. Would you like to understand the future of DX on a personal level?

Professor Hiroaki Miyata of Keio University Faculty of Medicine will join us as a special guest. He will speak about the world of data science that businesses should incorporate.This event aims to recreate the interactiveness of live events. As such, all 50 events will be streamed live.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity!

Event Overview

Event date: September 6 (Mon) ~ September 17 (Fri), 2021

Content: Live session, live Q&A

Venue: Online

Admission fee: Free

Event website:

■About Professor Miyata

Born 1978, Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Keio University

Finished Master’s program at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine in 2003. Doctor of Health and Science (thesis).

After working as an assistant professor at Waseda University Faculty of Human Sciences and an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo, In April 2009, he became an associate professor at the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Tokyo (part-time since May 2015). From May 2015, he was a Professor of Medical Policy and Management at the Keio University School of Medicine. From December 2020, he was an Invited Professor at Osaka University School of Medicine.

Details about OPEN DX 2021: