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3x Faster Access to Databases : PT. Rekayasa Industri - Cloud Ace Indonesia

Customer's information

PT. Rekayasa Industri (REKIND) is an Indonesian company that is engaged in industrial design or known as engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC), all of them are used to serve large-scale industrial plants. To facilitate work in procurement, tracking, and monitoring Rekind has an application called ICONS (website).

The challenge

The client has a problem with ICONS (website), where when accessing data on ICONS is very long or sometimes inaccessible. Another problem when many people access ICONS, the server will have problems.

It has an impact on work delays. Rekind need the ability to process data quickly and display data as needed and eliminate limitations on hardware and software.

The solution

We Cloud Ace offered a solution to Migrate ICONS Master application and database of PT Rekayasa Industri on Google Cloud Platform to be used on production. In the next phase, partner organization assisted to handle increases in the traffic and reduce the costs by using Autoscaling feature in GKE.

The results

The migration process is seamless without any issues, keeping business continuity. The latency loading data is faster than before.

-3x Faster access to Database

-2x More secure

-2x Faster policy deployment

Cloud Ace Integra is a special partner to help us migrate and improve the system so that it becomes more effective and efficient in our daily operations. Cloud Ace Integra also helped our journey for data mining and analysis. – Nurwidianto, Project Lead, PT. Rekayasa Industri (REKIND)

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