A world-class infrastructure at your fingertips

Google's worldwide cutting-edge data centers, edge locations and fiber optic cable network make up a one of a kind global infrastructure on a scale that only Google is capable of, supporting highly popular and resource demanding services such as Google search, Google Maps, YouTube with billions of users.

With Google Cloud Platform you can leverage the very same infrastructure that Google is using to power your applications and systems while letting them scale automatically and store data. All of this is available to you in a just a few clicks from the Google Cloud Platform console.

As much control as you need

Google Cloud Platform offers different options for you to get started and leverage their resources. Depending on your system you can start spinning up VMs and easily offload applications on the cloud without having to change anything and specify exactly the resources you need. You can also take your application code and deploy it on the cloud automatically and let Google scale the resources required to run your application so you don't have to worry about the backend.

If you want to use modern and advanced architectures such as microservices with containers, this is also done easily as Kubernetes is supported natively and comes with a lot of managed services.

Secure and reliant

Google is leading when it comes to infrastructure reliance and security as the data center as well as the global network is purposely build to support high traffic services with billions of users as it is with Google's own services.

Not only can you keep a peace of mind that you likely will never experience downtime but you also don't need to worry about the security of your data as Google is complying with many international standards for data security to ensure that your data is you data.


Regions and purpose-build data centers by Google


Zones for building systems and apps with high availability


Network Edge Locations ensuring a fast connection


Miles of privately owned network



Powerful Google Cloud services to choose from

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine enables you to spin up VMs with the exact resources and specs that you need, essentially using the raw power of Google's infrastructure and deploy applications as they are without having to change anything.

Kubernetes Engine

Google supports containerization and orchastration of applications with Google Kubernetes Engine. It makes it easy to use Google's resource in a modern way and comes with many fully managed services such as cluster health checking for maximum uptime and reliability of you applications.


Stackdriver makes it easy to monitor the resourses you are using as well as the performance of you system and applications and comes with many fully managed options such as automated alerts for resources, budget and more.

Cloud Load Balancing

Google's load balancing enables you to automatically scale resources depending on your applications demand, split traffic through different zones in a powerful and fully managed manner.

Google Award Winning Service Partner

We, at Cloud Ace have a lot of experience and expertise helping clients leverage Google's infrastructure to it's fullest with custom tailored solution. No matter if you want to run an application on the cloud, migrate your whole system or find a hybrid solution, we can help you do that. Our expertise is recognized by Google through various specializations and awards such as the 'Google Cloud Service Partner of the Year for Japan 2019' award.

With our expertise and experience we can provide you with professional expertise and help you leverage the power of Google Cloud's resources to the fullest.

Case Study


provides an IoT PaaS service for the energy sector which is built on Google Cloud Platform. By running their service on Google Cloud Platform, Kyocera is able to handle an increasingly large amount of data and effectively analyze all of it with BigQuery.

With GCP-provided services, such as Google App Engine or Big Query, you didnโ€™t notice the infrastructure side. For this reason, as applications engineers, we felt that not having to think too much about the infrastructure made GCP very user-friendly.

Big Query boasts unparalleled price-to-performance, therefore it has become an indispensable tool that we use right across the board.

Cloud Aceโ€™s Partner Billing Service was a real help because credit card payments made life difficult for the accounts departmentโ€™s procedures and that was a stumbling block to using GCP.

Read the full case study here