AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Cloud Ace provides AI & Machine Learning Solutions

powered by Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud API and Google Cloud AutoML.

Train high-quality custom machine learning models with minimum effort and machine learning expertise.

Cloud AutoML™ is a suite of machine learning products that enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to their business needs, by leveraging Google’s state-of-the-art transfer learning, and Neural Architecture Search technology.

Dynamically translate between languages.

The Translation API provides a simple programmatic interface for translating an arbitrary string into any supported language using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation. It is highly responsive, so websites and applications can integrate with Translation API for fast, dynamic translation of source text from the source language to a target language.

Define dynamic user groups based on predicted behavior.

Firebase™ Predictions applies machine learning to your analytics data to create dynamic user groups based on your users' predicted behaviour. These predictions are automatically available for use with Firebase Remote Config, the Notifications composer, and A/B Testing.