Case Studies

Preparing New Recruits for a Smooth Integration

by Incorporating GCP Training

Mixi, the company behind apps “mixi” and “Monster Strike” that caused Japan’s SNS boom, are still active in the entertainment and lifestyle industries. They decided to implement a Google Cloud certification training program held by Cloud Ace for their new recruits. This program consisted of lessons on Google Cloud Fundamentals, Core Infrastructure and Architecting with Google Compute Engine. We spoke with them about their reasons for attending the program, as well as the results.

Reason for implementing GCP training for new recruits

Mr. Kita from Mixi: Our company uses different platforms for each project.

Previously, new recruits had to individually learn the tools used at their assigned departments. This caused a variation between employees in levels of understanding the tools, as well as only letting them learn about the tools used by that specific department.

After discussing our wish for a Google Cloud training program for new recruits with a Google Cloud representative, we were introduced to Cloud Ace. We decided to request their services after determining that they matched our requirements.

Effects of the training

Mr. Kita from Mixi: Previously, new recruits had either no, or only partial, knowledge of Google Cloud after being assigned to a department. This was the first time we decided to implement a Google Cloud training program for new recruits. The program allowed all recruits to have a certain level of understanding of Google Cloud, providing a systematic flow for acquiring basic knowledge of the tools used. In addition, this effort decreased the amount of required education by departments.

Mr. Kobayashi from Mixi:I was able to get used to the Google Cloud console during training, assuring me that this function would not be a hurdle in using Google Cloud. In addition, I was able to learn command execution methods, making me hopeful for efficient developments in the future.

Training handled a wide range of services on top of the basics of Google Cloud. We also had the opportunity to touch services that we had never interacted with before.

Mr. Kita: From the training, newly graduated engineers will learn about the tools used in practice, providing an easy to join environment for new recruits.

Future efforts

Mr. Kita:Our current structure only has engineers of Google Cloud related departments with knowledge of Google Cloud. We would like to establish a baseline level of understanding of Google Cloud for all engineers, in order to facilitate inter-departmental communication.

In response to the environment where companies select clouds based on their needs, we would also like to increase the number of engineers who can handle multiple clouds, as required.

We would like for new recruits to learn new skills at the new department, with the basic level of understanding they acquired from our new training program.

Comments on training

Mr. Kobayashi:Although the COVID pandemic has forced recruits to join the sessions online, Cloud Ace created an easy to talk atmosphere through ice breaking activities. Additionally, we were impressed by the skill level of all instructors. We were very grateful for the opportunity to experience a systematic cloud education.