Case Studies

Making Career Counseling Content Readable Through Speech-to-Text, Improving Service and Accelerating Training

Google Cloud Platform services in use:

At Persol Career, with support from Cloud Ace, they have developed a structure utilizing Google Cloud Platform for the transcription of audio of face-to-face counseling with career advisors. The previously manual task of inputting counseling session details was able to be automated through the use of voice-recognition, with counseling contents being more detailed. By automatically extracting information such as the preferred income and occupation of the client, we can introduce the best fitting company for them, thereby greatly contributing to the improvement of service quality and decrease of training costs.

Regarding GCPโ€™s voice-recognition, we decided on adopting it after comparing multiple APIโ€™s and determining it had the highest accuracy with 0 maintenance cost and required man-hours. We received support from Cloud Ace on verifying smart speakers, designing basic infrastructure for GCP, suggestions for application development, setting requirements, and system construction. Cloud Ace and Persol Careerโ€™s engineers advanced the project as one team, allowing for smooth and productive work.

This is also the subject of an article on the official Google Cloud blog, please check it out.