Case Studies

Understanding Googleโ€™s Idea of Security and Solutions Deepened My Knowledge of Business

Cyber Security Cloud Corporation

Web Security Business DivisionHead of the WAF Automated Operations Service DivisionMr. Ichikawa (pictured)
Web Security Business DivisionSecurity EngineerMr. Yamamura
Web Security Business DivisionInfrastructure EngineerMr. Meshida

Cyber Security Cloud strives to develop services adhering to their corporate mission, โ€œbuilding a cyber-space that is safe and easy to use for everybody in the worldโ€. We spoke to 3 people there that develop and maintain WafCharm; Mr. Ichikawa, Mr. Yamamura and Mr. Handa.

Why did you decide to participate in training?

We were notified by our pre-existing partner, CloudAce, of their new Google Cloud certification training course. Since the possibility of using Google Cloud in a corporate setting was looking likely, we decided to take the training course in order to learn the dos and donโ€™ts of a Google account, as well as to understand security mechanisms and efficient employment methods of tools.

In addition, we had used Google Cloud on a hobby-level, along with information gathered online. Even then, we still wanted to gain accurate information regarding Google Cloudโ€™s inner workings.

Events leading up to training and impressions

Even though we had wanted to gain insight into basic thought processes and technologies relating to Google Cloudโ€™s security, we never had the opportunity to actually engage with it. This, along with wanting to make our security-enhancing products such as WafCharm compatible with Google Cloud, led to our decision to take up training.

By deepening our understanding of the differences between other public clouds from a security standpoint, we were able to compare among them. We will use this knowledge to our advantage in future projects.

Results of training

Through the training, I was able to deepen my understanding of the overall service that is Google Cloud. The training on security-related components was especially helpful, where actual examples, demos and hands-on exercises were used. This fully immersive experience, instead of just information, was very helpful in enhancing our understanding. Our hands-on experience with both web console and Google Cloud CLI was especially helpful, and we consider it a huge merit point of this program.

The active Q&A sessions and instructors providing us with real-world examples helped us absorb ideas and thoughts that we would not have thought of ourselves, and we were really grateful.

Future activities

Armed with the diverse viewpoints contrary to our usual routine gained from this experience, along with our newfound knowledge of Googleโ€™s security and solutions, we would like to make full use of the training we got in future business projects.

Through the training we realized the benefits of using Google Cloud in certain aspects, such as data analysis and DLP (Data Loss Prevention), so will make careful deliberation on its implementation.

Recommended use cases

Through interacting with Google Cloudโ€™s security solutions, the training allows participants to consider implementation with their own pre-existing system, or gather information on it for consideration as a brand-new technology. Either way, the training provided much valuable information for us. In addition, our impression was that the training provided a wide focus, and would be beneficial for beginner engineers that lack experience.